Dress Code

Our academic standards are high at Sir Isaac Newton East Sixth Form and with that comes high expectations of our students. This applies to work ethic and effort but also presentation and appearance.

Although we don’t want to dictate what you should be wearing, we do however have a responsibility to ensure that Sir Isaac Newton East reflects the place of work that it is. The dress code reflects the high standard we expect from our students.

Please adhere to the following;

  • In general, the dress code is smart work casual with appropriate hairstyles and reasonable makeup
  • Tattoos should not be visible
  • We do not encourage facial piercings but if you have them they must be no more than three

The following clothing items are not permitted;

  • Cropped or low-cut tops
  • Fishnet or patterned tights
  • Leggings if worn without a skirt, tunic or dress
  • Short skirts, short dresses or short shorts; hemlines should be no shorter than mid-thigh
  • Split skirts; a skirt split is too high if it reaches above mid-thigh
  • Tracksuits, jogging bottoms and similar sports attire are allowed but should be smart and well-fitted; overly baggy or loose-fitting apparel is not permitted
  • Clothing items with wording, slogans or symbols that are inappropriate or may cause offence are also not to be worn
  • Flip-flops and high-heeled shoes

It is the right of all members of staff at the school to determine whether a particular item of dress, make-up or jewellery is appropriate for the sixth form or not. If you are challenged, it's not personal, teachers have a duty to maintain high standards.