Approaching our first ever A-level results, we are a new Sixth Form based at Great Yarmouth Charter Academy situated in the heart of Great Yarmouth. We want our students to be the next leaders within local, regional and national industry.

With three years of preparation towards the opening of our sixth form through rapid school improvement, Charter is oversubscribed in the main school.  Sir Isaac Newton East is modelled on the highly successful Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form based in Norwich.

We offer a wide range of A - level courses, ensuring that there is a course to suit every student. With top level teachers and our partnership with Sir Isaac Newton, we can assure the highest level of provision locally.

We believe that our Sixth Form can offer personalised, high quality and engaging teaching that larger colleges cannot. We are proud of the extensive experience, knowledge and commitment of our teaching staff at post-16 level.

We provide pupils with the opportunity to attend the best university courses in the areas that they wish to study, whilst ensuring that pupils also have the opportunity to  gain degree apprenticeships and jobs at 18.

Our sixth form is full time, offering students their full entitlement of guided learning hours. Each subject provides 180 guided learning hours, and sixth form students enjoy regular academic mentoring, sport, supervised study, online learning and library sessions.