Our Approach to Teaching

We recognise that students benefit greatly from learning in small interactive groups; as such, our class sizes are capped to a minimum, and we provide more teaching time than most colleges.

Our students will benefit from six hours of instruction per week for each subject. Period 0 and Period 6 will be reserved to help students with just about anything including homework and practising exam questions. We have arrangements at hand to provide one to one support to any of our pupils who require extra support. All subjects will be taught by highly experienced teachers. 

In mathematics our students will benefit from leading cutting edge teaching in the UK. Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form, our sister sixth form, is the lead school for the Angles Maths Hub. The Hub promotes excellence in maths teaching in Norfolk and Suffolk, and is part of the national network, backed by the National Centre for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics. 

Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form is also an Advanced Mathematics Support Program (AMSP) Partner School with the remit of training and developing A-level mathematics teaching throughout the region. Our approach to teaching is designed to empower pupils and help them become the very best versions of themselves.  We passionately want our pupils to grow into successful members of society and contribute to the advancement of the quality of life on earth.