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Core Maths



This course is ideal for you if you will be studying A levels with a significant mathematical component, including physics, chemistry, biology or geography but choose not to study A Level Mathematics. It is equivalent to an AS Level and will attract UCAS points and support applications to university.

The content is designed to help you with the mathematical elements of science-based A-Levels whilst teaching practical real-life applications of mathematics. For example, the course includes the understanding of personal finance and how to calculate income tax.

Core Mathematics is offered as a two year course, taught over three one hour lessons each week, alongside your lessons for your three A-Level subjects. The lessons offer you additional opportunities to study and practice key mathematical concepts, providing a deeper understanding and level of fluency across your other A Levels. 

The skills that you develop through studying A Level Mathematics complement many of the other A Level courses that we offer at Great Yarmouth Charter Academy. In particular, if you select to study A Levels with a significant mathematical content, including physics and chemistry you will find A Level Mathematics alongside offers significant benefits.