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Environmental Science



The homo sapien species are becoming increasingly aware of the devastating effect on other species on planet earth. Seas are ‘clogged’ with plastic, forests are disappearing at an alarming rate depriving other species of habitats and food sources. The greenhouse gases we are pumping into the atmosphere are causing our planet to heat up with devastating consequences to sea levels, coral reefs and ice caps. In A level environmental science, you will learn about our environment, which we share with other species, and how and why the climate is changing and what we can do to restore the environment. 

Environmental science is ideal for those with a strong interest in conservation and the impact of humans on the planet. It covers topics as diverse as the physical environment including changes to the atmosphere and weather patterns; the living environment including the evolution of life on Earth to the research methods which underpinned the theories being studied and how the data used is gathered and used to model the processes studied.

Students who enjoy a multi-disciplinary approach to learning and have a keen interest in the sustainability of our planet will find the course engaging and thought-provoking.)