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A-Level Biology builds on the GCSE study of life itself. All living organisms have similarities in cellular structure, biochemistry and function; an understanding of these similarities is fundamental to the study of biology. You will enjoy a flexible approach to the study of this diverse subject.

Microscopy allows you to study the cell structure of a variety of organisms. Biologically important molecules such as carbohydrates, proteins, water, and carbohydrates, proteins, water, and nucleic acids are studied with respect to their structure and function. You will also study the structure and function of gas exchange and transport systems in a range of animals and in terrestrial plants. Heredity and the mechanisms of evolution and speciation are also covered. Some of the practical techniques used to manipulate DNA such as sequencing and amplification are applied and their therapeutic medical use considered. Through this, you will develop a balanced understanding of the issues surrounding biotechnology.

We follow the OCR (A) Biology specification.